FastMend offers professional and quality repairs on all Apple Devices, Smartphone, Tablet, PC and Laptop. We can come to you anywhere to repair your device.   

At FastMend we know you depend on your computers and mobile devices, making it all the more important for a high quality repair to be carried out in the fastest about of time and without delays. So we have created the largest network of approved and qualified computer and smart device repair technicians to provide you with a fast, reliable, professional and a friendly service to solve all your computer and mobile device problems within your local area.

We have a 3 simple step process to get you the best and affordable repair service in your local area.  Our business partners (technicians) have many years of experience in the computer and mobile device industry and offer Walk-in, Mail-In and Call-Out services to suit your needs.

The walk-in service allows your device to be repaired while you wait but this depends on how busy the technicians are. The call-out service gives you the flexibility to have your device repaired at home, work, hotel or any other location and there is also a secure mail-in service which you can use.

The materials and parts used by the repair centres are of the highest quality, ensuring that the repairs are long-lasting and reliable, and the technicians provide total commitment to customer care and quality, at prices you can afford.

FastMend puts addresses and telephone numbers of over 2500+ repair centres at your fingertips. If you are experiencing computer or mobile/smart device problems of any kind then you can use our service to search for FastMend approved and qualified technician located near you and have your device repaired.


We carefully select a range of computer and mobile/smart device repair service providers to enable our customers to “Request a Quote” from only the best and most trusted businesses in the marketplace for absolutely FREE of charge.

When you are looking for a repair quote on your computer or mobile/smart device you don't necessarily need to know all the finer detail about the repair centres you are requesting a quote from via FastMend.com. All you really want is to be confident that you will receive a best price repair quote from a wide range of top service providers, so that you can find the best deal that suits your individual needs.